mandag den 2. august 2010


    •    Make your way through the woods
    •    Enter the apartment building
    •    Take the key from the basement (attached to the wire)
    •    Unlock the locked door and enter the room
    •    Talk to Adrian
    •    Leave the room and enter room 306
    •    Retrieve the key from the hole in the wall
    •    Unlock the school front door and enter
    •    Go to the bathroom
    •    Pick up the key from the toilet
    •    Unlock and enter the principal's office
    •    Click the computer monitor
    •    Press ? = : @
    •    Choose archive and then 2005.02.17
         - Press "next cam", until you reach the toilet footage and watch.
    •    Leave the school
    •    Go talk to Adrian
    •    Click the lower right bush next to the crossroads in the woods to get the key
    •    Unlock and enter the cabin
    •    Go to the attic and click the safe
    •    Press 3 5 1 9 (CEAI - letters from the paper in the motel)
    •    Get the cassette tape and go to the kitchen
    •    Click the cassette deck
    •    Return to room 304 and click the door

Thanks for playing!

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